Black Water Come

by Terra Deep

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In celebration of the end of the world, here is a free track!


A river runs north
Against the grain
Taking life where once was given
Withering trees on her amber banks
Fallen forests, barren valleys mark her retreat
She is the omen, the end of an age
A flood to take all life away
No spirit or god will hold sway
In the days and the days when the world is erased

Black water leeching essence
Pestilence ever present
Relentlessly she carves her way to the top of the world
Men gather and find what their end will be
She will choose their final path
As she wipes away their past
She will drown them all in black
Spare none, nor innocence for last

A great cascade swallows all mans remains
An era gone forever on
Matricidal black water strips the lowest roots
And scatters the mightiest peaks to the winds
Until she pulls those too within

Water with wind and earth and life within
Made last sweet flowing motion
As she swallowed all the oceans
The sun herself refused to shine on this blighted world
One last kiss of light
Before growing cold

Black water come

Black water come and set me free
Black water swallow me
Please find my lungs a doorway in
And cleanse me of the black within

Black water come
This creeping, sinking
Never thinking, all consuming anti-God

Black water come


released December 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Terra Deep Springfield, Oregon

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