by Terra Deep

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CARPAGE Mixes Early Opethian and mid-period Rush with black/dark metal but still sounds unique and original! Winterwall is a tour de force! \m/ Favorite track: Winterwall.
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FlorisLD Fucking amazing album, one of the best albums I have heard.
Three perfect songs with amazing lyrics.
It's been a while since I originally wrote this review, and it's been even longer since I've first heard these songs.... but they last, oh man do they last. This album speaks to my soul, it could be personal, but I love all 3 of these songs, musically and lyrically. And I think anyone that listens to atmospheric metal or just (black) metal should give this a chance... and feel it. Favorite track: The Long Dark.
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The second album from Oregon's "Terra Deep"


released February 28, 2014

M. Edwards - All Sound

Mixed and mastered by Stephen Parker in The Wilderness



all rights reserved


Terra Deep Springfield, Oregon

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Track Name: The Long Dark
Spoken from the soul
This sadness everlast
That I would never see that light again
But an afterglow

A monument that laid the mountain low
Rain did fall like unto the flood
And I was drowned

Hear me and despair
All is surely lost
Go not into the light
For it is a lie

Like a half-remembered dream
Cast aside by morning light
The memories will fade
In time

Standing in the valley now
Waiting for the sunset
And seeing only grey
Of coming storm

Hear me and despair
All is surely lost
Go not into the light
For it is a lie

I am the river
Come from the mountains
And down through the valleys
To rest in the sea

I am the rain
Sent from the sky
To extinguish the embers
Of bones in the trees

I am the diamonds of night
And the gold of the day
I am the sound of the rivers at play

I am the peaks
At the edge of these lands
I am the ending of man
Track Name: Winterwall
I drink from the stream coming down from the mountains
Soon it joins the river and runs to the sea
The sun is born
There is nothing here but me,
though I am never alone

She whispers in the tall grass of the glade
Her arms the trees
I have never been, until I have been here

I refuse to live until I can live forever
Follow the wind
Just below the snow and westward now, to lands unknown
And home

I am one with nothing
I read the treetops
United in chaos, dissonant vibration
Her displeasure grows
She provides that she may take away

She screams through her tongues
Splendorous spectacle
Westward once more
A river running now beside me
Down and down again
Her delta
I drown in her

Let me die
No more do I long for light
I shiver in the sun
And howl agony in the moon
Let me die
Track Name: For This I Would Kill. For This I Would Die
Every moment that I have lived
Only brought me closer to you
And in my last, I finally see
All our bonds had set me free
And so I lay my head
And close my eyes
The dreams come crashing down
I lose myself in you

If beauty is candlelight, you are the sun.
If passion a drop, you are the sea.
If love is a breeze then you are a storm,
And I am as dust in the wind.

Bury me in reverie
In Autumns golden glow
Falling down, into the ground
Rose petals to the snow